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hi marius...

im having a diffivult time asking this girl out... everyday when school is over.. we usually goto the burger king next to our college school.. i like her and i think she like me.. but when i ask her out to watch a movie she rejected me.. can you give me an advice how i can convine her to go out on a date we me?


First of all, you want to ATTRACT this girl, not chase her.

Even if you find new, creative ways to ask her out everyday after school, she's just going to be annoyed.

But if you ATTRACT her enough so that SHE wants to go out with YOU, then things will be much easier.

And the way to attract her is through teasing her and flirting with her. And when the time is clear, you ask her to hang out with you. Try not to make it sound like an official date. Just ask her to hang out as a friend!



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